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Taiyo Real Estate will provide the support for foreigners as follows ;

  • to buy residential real estate properties and investment properties in Japan
  • to apply the foreclosed real estate properties on court auction in Japan

    Of course, foreigners can apply the bid of this court auctions which you may buy the properties about 10%-30% lower than market price.  We can suggest the appropriate bid price with checking the tri-documents and detailed site-investigation.  If you are interested in applying this court auctions, please contact us.

  • to rent an apartment to live in Japan (居住のための賃貸サポート)

Rent an apartment

It is very tough for foreigners to find an apartment in Japan because of language and contract complexity.


We will provide the support for foreign people to find an apartment in Tokyo.



We will show you at the begining:

  • How much you have to pay in total for the rental apartment (different depends on the apartment)
  • Explain details about fees

Service fee: one month rental fee + consumption tax

Why don’t you find your apartment without feeling any language stress ?

まずは「このアパートを借りるには、これくらいのお金がかかります」と、合計の金額でご提示させていただき、その後 詳細を説明させていただきます。
費用は、通常の賃貸と同じ 「家賃の1ヶ月分」で、それ以外には頂きません!

言葉の壁でストレスがかかる家探しを もっと楽しく行いませんか?


  1. Hear your requests (Budget, layout, location(station), etc)
  2. Show the list of available apartments according to your request
  3. Take you to check/see the apartments  (3-4 apartments / one time)
  4. fill in the application form to block the room temporary and pay deposit
  5. Make a rental apartment agreement (Mostly in Japanese, so we will provide rough English version for you), then pay the fees.
  6. Receive a room key:  We will go with you and explain how to use facilities in the room.  If necessary, we will provide the document for you to live in the apartment comfortably.  (e.g. when is the garbage collection day, how ??)


  1. ご希望物件のヒアリング
  2. 賃貸物件のご紹介: 予算や間取、最寄り駅などご希望に合わせてご紹介します 
  3. 物件のご案内: 一度に3~4件 ご案内します
  4. 物件が決まったら、仮申し込みと手付金の支払いをしていただきます
  5. ご契約: 契約書は日本語ですが、英語の簡易版を作成し、ご説明します
  6. 鍵引渡: アパートへ行って、設備の使い方などをご説明します。



We will provide the  optional support other than introducing an rental apartment.
Fee:  JPY 32,400 (tax incl.)

  • Terms:  3 months just after making the rental agreement
  • time:  9 am to 8 pm (From Monday to Saturday)
  • Contact:  Through mobile, e-mail, SNS whatever you requests

Examples for useful option:

  • Go to the city office with you for some registration
  • Go to the big appliance store to buy some appliances (with discount negotiation, of course)
  • Teach how to use appliances and put labels everything in English, and so on.

期間: 契約日から3か月間
受付時間: 月曜日~土曜日 午前
受付方法: 電話、メール、SNS等でご希望をお伺いし、ご対応させていただきます

料金: 32,400円(税込) 


  • 区役所の手続きに一緒に行って欲しい
  • 家電を何点か買いたいので一緒に行って、価格交渉も行ってほしい
  • 家電の使い方がわからないので、ラベルを貼ってほしい・・など

Any request, please fill in and submit.

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